Choosing the right path between financing and leasing is crucial for aligning with your automotive, financial, and lifestyle goals. At Land Rover Calgary, located in the Calgary Auto Mall, we specialize in crafting personalized solutions to meet these needs. Our finance experts are dedicated to guiding you through each option, ensuring you make the best decision for your unique situation. 

Finance to Own: A Path to Your Land Rover

Financing your Land Rover in Calgary is an investment towards full ownership. Each payment you make is a step closer to calling your Land Rover yours, with the final installment transferring complete ownership to you. This path not only builds your equity but also strengthens your financial position, offering straightforward terms and conditions, including a clear understanding of the creditor's interest until the final payment.

Kilometre Freedom with Financing

Financing your Land Rover means no mileage restrictions, offering the perfect fit for any lifestyle in Calgary. This option includes the vehicle's down payment, taxes, fees, and any additional options you choose. However, it's essential to consider that as your Land Rover ages, maintenance costs may increase. When ready for a new vehicle, the responsibility of selling or trading in your current Land Rover falls on you.

Why Choose a Land Rover Lease?

Leasing a Land Rover in Calgary provides the flexibility to update your vehicle every 2 to 4 years, allowing you to enjoy the latest in automotive technology and design. This option often comes with lower monthly payments compared to purchasing and offers tailored mileage plans to suit your lifestyle. At the end of your lease, enjoy the convenience of trading in for a new model, purchasing your current Land Rover, or exploring other vehicles in our lineup without any hassle.

Customizable Lease Terms for Your Land Rover

Tailor your lease with durations that meet your specific needs, equipped with the latest Land Rover features and performance enhancements. Choose from a variety of kilometre plans based on your driving habits, and be well-informed about the financial commitments, including the initial down payment, acquisition fees, and other relevant expenses.

Single-Pay Lease Option

We make leasing affordable and easy.

At Land Rover Calgary, we offer a streamlined leasing option with a single upfront payment, freeing you from monthly bills. This option simplifies the leasing process, providing a straightforward solution for those who prefer it. Regardless of whether you choose to finance or lease, our professional finance managers are here to discuss all details, including warranties and other financing options to protect your investment.

Our team at Land Rover Calgary is excited to meet with you and explore the best financing or leasing options for your needs. Visit us in Calgary, AB, to discover how we can help you embark on your journey with a Land Rover that perfectly suits your lifestyle and financial goals.

Both financing and leasing have their benefits. Whatever option you choose, our professional finance managers will go through all the details and answer any questions regarding warranties and other financing options to protect your investment. We look forward to meeting with you soon to discuss your needs and options!