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Trade in your vehicle or sell it directly to Land Rover Calgary for cash.

Discover Our Simple & Transparent Car Selling Process at Land Rover Calgary

1. Easy Online Appraisal for Your Vehicle in Calgary

Begin your journey with Land Rover Calgary by completing our user-friendly online form. Whether you have a classic sedan or a rugged SUV, our expert appraisers are dedicated to providing you with a fair and accurate valuation. We understand the diverse car landscape of Calgary, Alberta, and this insight helps us secure the best possible market price for your vehicle, regardless of its condition.

2. Quick, No-Pressure Car Valuation

Once you submit the form, expect a prompt response with a comprehensive appraisal of your vehicle. This can reach you through your preferred method of communication, whether that’s email, phone, or text. At Land Rover Calgary, we believe in a transparent and stress-free approach. Our offer remains valid for a few days, giving you enough time to decide without any rush.

3. A Smooth Selling Experience at Land Rover Calgary

When you’re ready to move forward, bring your vehicle to our Calgary location. Our team at Land Rover Calgary will conduct a detailed inspection to confirm your online appraisal. We strive to make the selling process as smooth and straightforward as possible, providing you with a firm offer and guiding you through every step - from paperwork to the final handshake.

How we assign value

Land Rover Calgary's car appraisal specialists will look over the key parts of your vehicle to give you a better-than-fair trade-in price.

We’ll check your car:
  • Year and kilometres of your vehicle
  • Exterior and interior condition
  • Aftermarket modifications
  • Maintenance history (make sure to bring records of non-Go Auto maintenance)
  • Mechanical issues (determined by a test drive)
We’ll check the market:
  • Technical bulletins for your make/model/year
  • Current market conditions (sales trends and auction data)
  • Go Auto’s inventory needs

Advantages of Trading In
Your Vehicle at
Land Rover Calgary

Maximize Your Vehicle’s Value with Land Rover Calgary

Choose Land Rover Calgary for your trade-in and potentially receive more for your vehicle. Our confidence in quickly finding buyers for high-quality vehicles like yours means we often offer higher values. Being a part of the Go Auto family, with over 50 dealerships and access to the largest customer database in the region, enhances our ability to offer competitive prices. Our strong online presence, with 200,000 monthly visitors on, further amplifies our reach.

Efficient and Obligation-Free Car Appraisal

Experience a swift and complimentary appraisal process at Land Rover Calgary. We value your time and provide a straightforward assessment, free of any obligation to sell to us. Even if you're considering other selling options, we’re here to offer a beneficial second opinion – with no strings attached.

Quick Payment for Your Trade-In

If you decide to sell your vehicle to us, expect prompt payment. Whether you choose to reinvest in another vehicle or prefer cash, we can complete transactions within the same day or within 24 hours for late-day acceptances. Avoid the complexities and delays often associated with private sales.

No Requirement for a Trade-In Purchase

At Land Rover Calgary, our focus is on acquiring quality pre-owned vehicles – not on pressuring you into buying from us. Even if you have no plans to purchase a new vehicle, we’re interested in buying yours. We’re committed to offering you a fair deal for your car, with no obligation to make a new purchase.